Do You Have Questions About Selling Land in Michigan?

NateBuysLand, LLC has specialized in buying land for over a decade. We work with property owners to provide fair and straightforward solutions. Here are answers to some of the questions we receive most often.

If you have additional questions that aren’t listed here, you can send us a message or call.  Please don’t hesitate because we’re different. We aren’t a high pressure sales team. We go with the flow and I (Nate) personally enjoy answering any tough questions that you may have, it breaks the monotony of life.

Q:  Are you paying fair prices for land in Michigan?

A:  Always! We know that you have likely had many buyers come your way. But NateBuysLand isn’t like most other buyers. We aren’t here to make a fortune, we simply love land. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our fairness.

As a bonus, you will not have to pay commissions or closing costs. And we can close very quickly because we have the funds available and do not rely on the bank to finance our deals.

Q:  How do you determine how much to offer?

A:  Because we specialize in Michigan land, we are familiar with the market and what people are paying for land in each of Michigan’s counties. We pay fair prices based on recent sales and development trends in your neighborhood. We’re happy to discuss our offer process more at any time!

Q:  Are there ANY hidden costs or fees?

A: Absolutely not. We’ll make you an offer and handle all of the details. You won’t have to pay a dime.

Q:  How is NateBuysLand different from a licensed Michigan real estate agent?

A: As direct buyers, we pay great prices for land throughout Michigan. If you have a piece of land that is doing nothing for you, we can help you cash in so you can use those funds elsewhere.

It isn’t very common to find an agent who specializes in land. Typically, their focus is on single-family or commercial properties. Those types of properties will offer them a higher commission.

We just buy the land outright and close through a Michigan title company. The title company handles all the paperwork and will disperse the funds via a method of your choosing.

Q:  What happens after I submit my information? Is there any obligation?

A: Never. Our goal is to make the selling process fast and simple for landowners throughout Michigan. We will make you an offer free of cost, hassle, or commitment. If you accept, you’ll be able to sell right away.

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