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Get To Know NateBuysLand

Hey there!

I’m Nate Adams, the owner of Nate Buys Land, LLC. 

I’m a Michigan Native, born and raised here, near Kalamazoo, Michigan. A quick background about me that I would like to share is that I love geology, fossils and rocks. It’s one of my favorite passions. When I was younger, I always found myself getting yelled at by angry land owners for trekking across or onto their land.

To avoid getting yelled at, I started buying land in Northern Michigan, to simply dig out rocks, wash them off and in hopes that it would reveal a prehistoric fossil. I know it sounds funny, until a real fossil gets pulled out of the ground.

3 fossils that I found on Michigan Land. One is a snake or lizard head. The 2nd one is unknown but it looks like bone surrounded by veins or a tree wrapped in vines. The 3rd picture is a Native American fire starting rock. It's a rock with a perfect hole in the center of it.

In addition to finding fossils, I’ve also found a ton of Native American stone artifacts all across Michigan. A few of my findings were given back to the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and can be seen in a showcase at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Throughout my journey of finding fossils, I developed a second passion. I truly enjoy helping Michigan land owners easily off-load any kind of land in Michigan that they just don’t want anymore. There isn’t a single situation that we can’t handle in the context of liens, behind taxes, probate, deceased/missing vested owners, etc. that we haven’t already gone through and handled successfully. Yes, we use a reputable Michigan title company for closing and we absorb most of the cost associated with it. In addition to our offer always being fair, we make the process easy and we handle everything. 

I would be honored to buy your land.

 -Nate Adams  |  Land Specialist



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